Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a Plain Old Good Day

Do you ever have plain old good days? Nothing fancy. Nothing new. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just plain old fine. I had one of those today. Except for the frantic way in which I left the house to make our 5 o'clock doctor's appointment, because we all overslept during afternoon nap, I had a perfectly normal, busy, regular Monday. We were out of waffles for breakfast, but nobody complained. The OnDemand didn't work and we had to watch Dragontails instead of Thomas the Train, but nobody complained. We had peanut butter and bananas for lunch with milk instead of going out or having something more palatable because it isn't payday yet, but nobody complained. We had a boring casserole for dinner, but nobody complained.
It's days like this that have me waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I don't know how to enjoy them exactly. I can't explain very well what I mean. I enjoy days like this. I even wish for days like this---particularly when my days are NOT like this. However, I can't quite accept that I can have days like this. For some reason if the drama is missing, I'm wondering what else is going to happen.
That's so silly isn't it? Ah well. Live and learn and then let it go. I'm betting I won't have another day like today the rest of the week. But, oh, it's been a plain old good day and I am just plain old happy with that.

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