Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My baby used his first sign today!!! I am so excited. I am concerned about his hearing--I'm not sure how many speech sounds he is hearing, although I'm fairly certain he can hear. Anyway our little Buddha used "more" several times with intent during dinner tonight to get more food. Oh I was so excited!!! I couldn't help myself. I cried. I'm so mushy. We are hoping words will follow in the next three months or so, and more signs at any moment!
Then, when we were getting ready for bath, my oldest son took his own shirt off. This is the last getting dressed/undressed frontier. He's successful at everything else, but getting that shirt off is hard. Tonight, he took it off all by himself. I cried again. Double mush. Yesterday he said "go in the other room mom, I have a surprise for you." When he came out, he had his shoes on all by himself and a grin the size of Texas on his face.
Milestones are important. I don't know why exactly, but they are. Maybe it's a sign you did something right? Maybe it's a sign that you can't screw them up? I don't know, but I do know that each and every milestone is important to me and I write it all down. I can't help myself. I guess it's so someday when they're all grown up I can look back at the journey and enjoy the memories of this crazy wild ride that is being a mom. I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow....

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