Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogging, Bi*^*ing, and Baking Cookies

Nah nothing to rant about today! Haha. Life got busy on me. I haven't had any time to write or anything to really write about in almost a week. But here is another four year old funny to share with my readers.

My son: Chi-Chi (grandmother) why don't grandma and grandpa (his great-grandparents) live in their house anymore?
Chi-chi (grandmother): Well they live in the nursing home now.
Son: Why?
Chi-Chi: Well they're old and sick. Sometimes when you get older you can't take care of yourself anymore.
Son: Why?
Chi-Chi: Well it just happens that way.
Son: Oh. Well why did they get old?
Chi-Chi: Well from the moment you're born you age and get older and older. Like last year you were three. This year you'll be four. Next year you'll be five. And some day you'll be 86.
Son: Uh-uh Chi-Chi. I'm gonna ask God to keep me new.

Don't you just love the honesty of a four year old? It keeps me young. Gotta go, the cookies are burning....

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