Monday, June 16, 2008

Slipping on the Job

Okay so I'm slipping on my writing. It's been 8 days. I am so busy I can't even think of writing right now. We were at the beach until the 7th. I had a job interview on the 9th. Playgroup here at my house on the 10th and 12th. Made dinner for a new mom on the 11th. Went to a Sunday School dinner on the 13th. Gave my older son a birthday party on the 14th. Taught Sunday School on the 15th. Visited my mother's house to see my grandparents who I probably will not see again on the afternoon of the 15th. I am teaching Bible school today through Wednesday. I host book club on Thursday. My younger son's 9 month pictures (6 weeks late) are scheduled for Friday. My Girls' Cotillion Club Party is Saturday night--I'm on set-up committee and help decorate usually. My husband is in a golf tournament this weekend. He's teaching big kid Bible school next week at night. And I'm hosting Ladies Night Out next Tuesday at my house in the evening to make 100+ lunches for the Inner City Camp at our church. I do believe all this work earns me some slack on the blog front, but it just goes to show you how not saying no will catch up to you. Believe me I really want to do all these things. I even wanted to host them. But I don't think I thought about it all happening at once. I'm exhausted!!!
I've already forgotten all the cute beach stories I wanted to write. Ah, well. It happens. I have the memories stored somewhere in my long term memory cache. Someday I'll get them down. I haven't worked on my scrapbook since February. I will probably forget all the things I wanted to put in there too. I've got my birthday, our ski trip, Easter, some preschool happenings, Mother's Day, the beach trip, VBS, and a bunch of other events I've already forgotten. Hopefully I remembered to shove ticket stubs, pictures, and brochures in the "scrapbook box" on my desk that is covered with papers to jog my memory.
Well, hopefully I wil begin writing again soon. Too much busy-ness can shut down time for reflection, which is critical to good health and balance in one's life. I must wait out this month of June, but in July I shall actually write on my calendar, Pause! It's Reflection Day at least once a week! Until then, tie a knot in the rope and hang on.

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