Monday, June 16, 2008

Chasing Waves, Conquering the Ocean, and Crab Holes

Ever try to catch a wave on the sand? Little children take this unachievable task very seriously. Back and forth, up and down wave after wave they run after the water chasing the tide, then running from it. When their toes get wet the squeal with delight. When a larger wave comes unexpectedly, they run as if their life depended on it and hot step it up into the sand trying to get away.
When my four year old tired of chasing waves in the waning daylight far past his bedtime, he then took up the crusade of filling up crab holes. He was so worried the crabs would come out of the holes and nip his toes. "Cover it up mommy!" "Quick." I lost count after the first 50 holes and not so patiently dragged my feet over the holes filling them as I went. After the next 50 holes, I made up a story and told Owen that those holes were water holes left by the ocean and not crab holes. So the next 50 holes were divided into "that's a water hole" and "woop, nope that's a crab hole. Cover it up mommy." Mercifully we ran out of light and I carted my beach comber off to bed. He was certainly happy about it. He told me, "I hope you dream about crab holes mommy. And don't forget to cover them up. G'night."

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