Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Beach

We just completed our first solo family vacation--mommy, daddy, and the boys. This is a big step for my husband and me. Usually we don't travel without at least one grandparent. Miracle of miracles we survived the eight hour drive, eight straight days with each other, and the eight hour drive back. So many sweet family moments happened on our trip, I'm kerflummoxed as to where the beginning should be. Sufficed to say, we had the most fun on a trip we have ever had--and that's saying something folks. We had perfect weather, perfect children, perfect meals. No one was sunburned. Everyone napped. Everyone slept most of the night. And my monthly visitor waited for the car ride home to appear, even though it was due a week ago. I'm in serious awe of the Lord's merciful goodwill. Did I mention how great my husband said I looked in my new bathing suit? It was quite a vacation.

So, on to the fun stories, of which there are many. I will subtitle the stories here and will submit them as I get them written:
Slimy Castles
Riding Waves
Baby hits the Beach
The Power of Peach Puffs
The Importance of Orange Goggles
Dinnertime Behavior
Crab Holes
Chasing the Ocean
I'm so Tired Mommy

Check back soon for the 9 part mini-series of the family beach trip....

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