Monday, February 23, 2009

Miscellaneous and Nothing at all worth Reading about

Well it's Monday afternoon and still no blog inspiration. Good thing I'm not a columnist--yet. Presently I'm shirking my mommy duties of playing and instead I'm trying to type to the beat of Calliou. It is almost as annoying as Diego, but not quite. I mean how many towers of blocks can you stack with your 18 month old? We did colors, shapes, cars, legos, snack, wearing hats, loving loveys, stacking, knocking down, climbing up, talking on the phone, music, dancing, playing chase. I'm done. I don't know what else to play. And he's so desperate to go outside, but it's too cold. So instead we woke his big brother who had collapsed in the car, exhausted from his turn at Show and Tell apparently. Now they are playing together and watching a movie. Guess big brother is more fun than me. Super.
Topics on the menu for this week included, teaching your child the finer points of Crazy Eight (I accomplished this in 3 short days. Now on to Gin Rummy), navigating the rules of Show and Tell (no you can't take 6 things to school, it says right here on the paper ONE thing), keeping your toddler out of the kitchen drawers (it is necessary to put packing tape up high, I forgot about that and my toddler taped his hands together somehow), and the most humane way to lock your children in a room while you take a much needed 20 minute nap. Also up for discussion, can caffeine be delivered intravenously? is it possible to exercise without sweating or actually finding time to do it? how expensive is lipo-suction and does it work like a do-over on your ass or does it just suck out the cellulite and leave the skin rolls?
Needless to say my mind is not staying focused on one thing. I started a new job this week and all my creative juices have gone into learning 20 new students. I really like my new placement. Good thing since I'm there until the end of May. The kids are the most precious of the precious. I feel like a million bucks when I'm around them. But they definitely take it out of me.
Lent is upon us on Wednesday. I am attempting to give up a few things. We received a new calendar in the mail this week, much like our Advent calendar, but it's for Lent. Good thing it comes with stickers and instructions. It's a 40 day journey into Jerusalem that takes us through Passover all the way to Easter. Cool. At first I thought it was for the kids (it is), but I decided it's just as helpful for me. Hopefully that little cardboard reminder will inspire me not to give in too easily. So maybe by the weekend when I'm in a hazy spiritual glow from the alcohol and caffeine and sugar detox that is hopefully going to be my Lenten journey, I'll be able to write something more profound. In the mean time, keep it in the road and if you get tired, pull over and nap. So what if people look at you funny when you wake up with a big red outline of a horn on your forehead b/c you nodded off over your steering wheel? That happened to me today and I survived.

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