Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday I had a friend over for a chat. She had not been upstairs in my house before. When she saw my husband's desk with the computer on it she said, "so this is where it all happens?" We laughed. It was funny. Reflecting upon that further, it's true. I used to think, how will I ever write anything without quiet time to think and edit, etc. etc. Truth be told, I don't know what I would do with that silent time. Hopefully I would use it to meditate or rest, like I said in my last blog.

Simply put, without a noisy home to indicate my muses are indeed around me, I would not have the desire to write much. Without the incessant sound of digitally recorded voices blaring from the latest Fisherprice piece of plastic called a toy, without the constant BAM of the baby gate as it bangs shut, without the stomp stomp stomp of feet running following the "I gotta ppeeeeeeeeeee" all the way down the hall, without the shriek of a baby who doesn't want to nap, without the telephone ringing, from where would my inspiration come? I don't know. If there wasn't a little bit of magic happening every day in my house, I'm not sure the world would be the same. My 4 year old keeps me honest with his innocent, yet deep thoughts. The baby keeps me entertained with his discovery of attitude and ability. My friends keep me sane.

I saw a good movie last night. "Marley and Me." I've not read the book, maybe I should? The movie can stand on its own without the book, which I find isn't generally the case with book turned movie pictures. It was one of those "slice of life" movies, as my sister says. This movie truly captured the spirit of raising a family, making career choices, the crazy life of home, kids, and dogs. I laughed and cried by turns. I tear up as easily as I laugh. It was a good movie. My husband was right again. Whenever he suggests a movie, I usually say, "really? No, let's not and say we did." He always says, "Aw come on, this will be one of those movies I make you watch that afterwards you say I'm so glad you made me watch it." So, kuddos to you chief, you did it again. See I can admit when I'm wrong.

So I'm thinking of making my own movie. Most people I know could make a movie. Life with kids is never dull. We don't have any pets though. What is that line from "Shakespeare in Love", people want a laugh and a bit with a dog--it's something like that. I could deliver that. Perhaps I should get to writing my screenplay. But it will have to wait until later, one of my muses has come asking me for help.

Hope you have a great day and a great story to tell at dinnertime. Go see the movie.

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