Thursday, July 10, 2008


You know you are fortunate when your boys play together at 4;1 and 11 months. This afternoon the boys "made" me some dinner in the play kitchen. My youngest banged on the pots with spoons and the oldest cooked some "pasketti" and pizza for me. The baby graciously didn't try to gnaw on the plastic food, but let me enjoy it. He waved his fork at me and went back to emptying the play refrigerator of utensils (don't know how they got in there). I asked the 4 year old what was on my pizza. He said, "um, well there's blackberries, and green peppers, and tomatoes, and brown dirt. Isn't that a good pizza mom? Don't you just love it?"
Last night while I was at a birthday party, the boys entertained my husband by playing hide and seek in the nursery. The 4 year old hid under the bed to "surprise" his brother. Every time the baby lifted the cribskirt, his brother yelled, "boo." They both just howled with laughter. My husband said the cackled like that for about 30 minutes nonstop. I am terribly sad I missed it.
The boys also enjoy playing magnets on the refrigerator. So far, no tantrums. They more or less "share." The oldest hands one or two to the baby, "here you go, these are yours." Then he procedes to move all of "his" magnets up higher to play with.
Both boys enjoy riding in the John Deere gator too. It is so entertaining to watch. The baby just looks and looks for me while his brother drives all around the yard. "I'll drive in the slow speed mommy, so he doesn't fall out." Okay then. Sometimes I get tearful watching them ride in the yard. Someday that's going to be them driving off in a car to go somewhere. The good thing about that is they will be together.

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