Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Neutral is Not Idle

While the wild men are having waffles, I'm going to attempt a blog entry....

Life is currently in neutral. It is one of those long roads where the scenery is pretty but not necessarily inspiring; there aren't any curves in the road and the speed limit is 55. Pleasant, but not exciting. Predictable, but not boring. Just neutral. Kinda like the beige walls all in this house. (We're currently in a paint discussion).

The boys get up at six. We lie in bed in denial until seven. One of us takes a shower and the other makes eggos for the children (occasionally I get to shower, but I'm usually hungry enough not to care either way). My husband goes to work. My son asks 100 questions about which office he will be at and whose teeth he will work on and if his grandparents will be there (my husband is an orthodontist. It's a family practice so everyone works there--except me, I'm the standby office manager and child raiser.).

Then after another hour of miscellanous--seriously I'm not sure what happens between waffle delivery and what comes next--I start the countdown to the getting dressed wrestling matches. I almost always win. Then comes teeth brushing and forced potty visit and last diaper change. Then we're out the door to somewhere, anywhere.

Yes gas is almost $4 a gallon, but I have a daily leave the house rule. I usually plan this the night before so I know what and where to conserve fuel and make only one trip. Alas, sometimes it turns into three or four trips. My older son usually asks three questions: do we have plans today? (sometimes) what restaurant are we eating lunch at? (when the answer is home, he whines) do I have to nap? (no, but you do have to rest your eyes)We eventually get back home and the countdown to naptime wrestling begins. I have about a 50% shot at winning this match. Usually around 4 we either take a walk, go to my motherinlaw's to swim, or watch a movie. Anything to get to 5 so I can start dinner. And that's pretty much it. My husband eventually gets home, we eat, we play, we bathe 'em, brush 'em, and cart them to bed.

It's not an exciting life, but it certainly is happy, healthy, predictable, safe, and fulfilling. I love my life. It is a blessed life without famine or want, without disease or despair, without danger or harm, with running water, plenty of food, security, money for little extras, freedom to choose, freedom to go, and love to come home to.

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