Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Lament

During my spring Bible study, one of the exercises was to write a lament. According to our study guide (a Companions in Christ series), the word lament describes an ancient tradition of expressing grief with faith and hope. Lamenting means to express sorrow aloud. It gives us permission to vent. I learned through my study that a lament has three parts: a reaction (to what is happening), a remembrance (of the past), and a restoration (hope for the future). Lamenting is considered a spiritual practice. I think we must be as active in our lamenting as we are in other parts of our journey. This is one area where growth in grace takes place. So here is the lament that I wrote.

Dear Lord,
Rescue me from my depths
I am lost
I have expected when I could have given
I have aged when I could have been young
I have asked for justice when I could have asked for mercy
I have delivered punishment instead of grace
Help me Lord
I have made you small and myself big
I have angered instead of laughed
Deliver me from my quickness
Deliberately slow my pace
Help me to find you in all things
Cure my spiritual blindness
Clothe me in spiritual poverty
Pour out your mercy on me Lord
So that I may dwell always at your feet
And be gracious and merciful to those in need.

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