Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today is a very good day. The sun is out. My son is at school. My baby is breathing better. Tonight is Ladies Night Out and I worked out today. Hmmm. I guess I pumped up some endorphins, because I felt pretty bad about myself this morning. I'm glad I went to work out.

I hate to exercise. Really. I like to walk. I like to swim. But coordinated I am not. Sports oriented I am not. Even dance oriented I am not (although I enjoy it sufficiently to make a fool of myself routinely). But I went to my powerflex class with all the other moms (and retirees) and dang it I feel so much better.

I felt good about my lunch--I even drew of reserves of strength I didn't know I had to refuse the cookie for 99 cents and I did not drive by Ben and Jerry's even though it was close and they're giving out free ice cream today. I'm encouraged that I'm going to look good in that $100 bathing suit I just bought. I better, for $100 bucks I better look like a supermodel. I'll settle for MILF status, but that's another post and I'm over 30 now, I should get over that little hiccup. If my son ever used that word, I'd just die.

Anyway, I hope you're enjoying my "little miss mary sunshine" post today. I really hope you're having a great day too. Gotta go. Now my baby is crying. I just hope my biceps are not too fatigued to carry around my 22 pound chub of love.

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