Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christmas in April?

I wanted to post this email I sent during Christmas week. I still review it periodically to remind myself of how good life can be. With us all down sick again I find remembering this magical night helps me keep perspective! Hope you enjoy the musings of a tired delirious elf who is now a tired delirious something else. The creativity wanes when the sinuses are compromised and the ears are ringing. Anyway, to the memory we go....

Funny how we grown up elves, desperate to be a part of Santa's magic, think it must come from really big boxes full of multiple parts and tiny tiny screws that must be assembled in the dead of night after wrestling a very excited (and very sick) little boy into bed.

We told our oldest son that he must must must go to bed and stay there. Three potty trips and two hours later he finally succumbed to slumber. Every trip to the potty started with, "I was sleeping and I heard Santa's sleigh and I woke up." My husband is now downstairs furiously putting together a tool bench that said "some" assembly required. The pile of nuts and bolts on the floor made me run upstairs. I volunteered cheerfully to be the lookout. I already put together the play kitchen on Saturday. Although I have an affinity for putting things together, I think it only fair for someone else to exercise their following directions skills. My husband gives directions all week, it doesn't hurt him to follow them occasionally.

The baby (also very sick) has so far slept through it all. While I do not expect him to sleep through the night, we did get to watch a movie tonight before turning the "grown up room" (aka, room with the big screen tv in it) into Santa's workshop. The baby, alas, isn't getting near the pile that his older brother is. But his turn will come. Next Christmas we will need a Uhaul to get it all inside I guess. I try to pull back on the reins, but they keep slipping out of my hands.

Ah well, the magic is only for a short time. It's so much fun to be a part of. I have many many beloved memories of Christmas. Many of them about Santa, and many about other things during the Christmas season. The season almost always started Thanksgiving weekend with getting the tree. Followed quickly by the Christmas concert at school, the church Christmas pageant, and various and sundry other holiday things. My four high school Christmases are probably the most special for me. Then I had a ten year spell there where Christmas lost its luster for a while (watching your parents fall apart on Christmas Eve will do that). Then last year, our older son was finally big enough for Santa to have meaning.

This year is even more special. The magic has been rekindled for me and not just because of Santa. We're home together, the four of us, with no where to go, and nothing to do but be together. I am sad that the boys are sick, but it forced us to stay home. We made dinner and ate off my Christmas china that's been in the cabinet for 3 years and spent it's previous life traveling in a box. We lit glitter candles and turned on The Time Life Christmas Carol collection on the cd player. My son and I made cookies for Santa. The baby went to bed. My husband and I cuddled on the couch--me in my new bathrobe, he in his new slippers. Seriously, who would believe a bathrobe and slippers could bring new meaning to Christmas? Kinda like that year I got that toaster I really wanted. I was so excited to make breakfast that morning. Yes, I'm weird. I have a thing about useful gifts.

Anyway, this season has been fun and sweet. My son and I opened a door on the Advent calendar every day. I've had so many teachable moments this Advent--and not just for him. Every day that I had to explain to my son that we have to wait, I was explaining it to myself again too. It's funny how those lessons can be like a mirror if you let them. He has prayed for toys, I've prayed for peace. And this year I found it. We can all have teachable hearts if we just get out of our own way.

Shalom, Namaste, Peace be with you

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Lori Ellen said...

Well, I can't speak to the "cuddle fuzz" part but...Kudos on the questionnaire, Marla! I'm honored!!
Cute kids, though.